Wayfinding Signs Point the Way to the Sequence

Thanks to community members, neighbors and PSU students, new wayfinding signage will boost awareness of the hidden parks in the Portland Open Space Sequence. As of Saturday, July 15th, a team of volunteers with the Wayfinding Coalition have installed more than 40 directional signs in areas adjacent to the parks to promote access. The signs promote walkability and bring more users to visit the Portland Open Space Sequence.

“A variety of efforts are underway to promote broader use of this public resource. The PSU-led coalition is a grassroots attempt to let more people know about this remarkable area and how to get there,” says Grant Higginson, resident, and board member of Halprin Landscape Conservancy and Downtown Neighborhood Association. Higginson is one of many local community members who wants to uncover the beauty of these parks for more people to discover and enjoy.

Special thanks to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) and Neighbors West NW for their support of the project. The coalition is made up of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Halprin Landscape Conservancy, Portland State University and South Auditorium Greenway Environs, and is supported by the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Portland Parks & Recreation.

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