Sunday Parkways 2018


SundayParkways2018_13On Sunday, July 22, Lovejoy Fountain Park was the site of much love and joy as bicyclists from all across Portland rode through and stopped by to enjoy the vibrant local gem. As one of the organized activity areas on the Sunday Parkways bike ride, over 32,000 joined in to celebrate summer and cool off in the fountain. Visitors enjoyed local food vendors, bike decorating, live music, and dancing butterfly puppets while children and adults of all ages played in and around the waters of the fountain. The nearly 33,000 person turn-out has been deemed the largest of any of the previous 11 seasons of Sunday Parkways and, as a result, this event brought recognition and new life to the park. Participants were able to witness first-hand Halprin’s core message of community interaction and connecting to nature in the heart of a city.

Click through our gallery of photos to see how a new generation of Portlanders discovered the Portland Open Space Sequence!

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