In Memoriam: Nick Fish

Big Splash ribbon-cuttingWe are grateful for Nick’s civic leadership, activism, and endless memory of
 noble deeds.

He was a bold visionary, a compassionate confidant, and a trusted steward of 
public resources to make Portland a better place. With a natural affinity for
  community development and the beloved Portland Open Space Sequence, Nick was
 a treasured partner and champion we’ll cherish for generations. He 
intuitively embraced Halprin’s idea of parks for everyone and the Sequence’s
 identity as “one of the most important urban spaces since the Renaissance.”

Sharing our passion for this landmark, he understood the essence of
 public-private partnership as a consensus-builder, a placemaker, and a
 humanitarian. We’ll miss his smile, friendship, and wisdom and are honored
 to have jointly served the community we love.

—    Halprin Landscape Conservancy

Read more about Nick Fish in this tribute.

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