Construction Project Update

With historic restoration projects, we know to expect the unexpected. True to form, there were numerous unexpected issues that arose this fall. For example, we discovered undermined pavement, poor soils, lots of large tree roots (some of them mysteriously far away from any current or past tree), abandoned utilities, buried old 12” thick street pavement, large underground concrete obstructions, and irregularities of all sorts.

Despite these challenges, our contractor was able to stick to the schedule fairly well. However, they were not able to complete the lighting work or the drain grate replacements. These improvements will better match the historical design and materials, while still improving drainage and maintainability. Look for the installations of new LED light fixtures and drain grates in the Spring 2019 second phase of work. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to restore these local treasures.

Below are lists of what has been completed, and what remains to be completed in the spring.

Phase 1 Completed – Summer and Fall 2018
The first phase restoration work includes:

Keller Fountain Park:
Fountain concrete restoration
Fountain runnel grates replacement
Added and replaced stairway handrails
Concrete pavement replacement
Foundations for mast light poles installed
Irrigation repairs and west side berm replanting by Portland Parks crews

Lovejoy Fountain Park:
Electrical service modification required by PGE.  Meters to be set in spring by PGE.
Concrete pavement replacement

Source Fountain:
Brick pavers replacement
Fountain mechanical vault wall rebuilt
Fountain mechanical system and piping replacement

Phase 2 Work – Spring 2019
The second phase of the restoration work will occur in the spring and should be completed by the end of June 2019. Keller and Lovejoy Fountains may not be turned on in May as usual, but will be operational, and yours to enjoy, as soon as work is completed. Only the work at Pettygrove Park will require full site construction fencing and park closure.  Keller, Lovejoy, and Source Fountains should require only limited areas of fencing to keep pedestrians safe. Spring work will include:

Keller Fountain Park:
Wall and fountain lighting replacement
Feature mast pole lights installation
Catch basin grates replacements
Concrete fountain and pavement joint sealing and patching

Lovejoy Fountain Park:
Wall and fountain lighting replacement
PGE meters installation
Trench drain grates replacements, utility cover replacements
Pavement joint sealing and patching

Pettygrove Park:
Storm drain pipe replacement
Catch basin grates replacements

Source Fountain:
Trench drain grates replacements
Concrete pavement joint sealing

Portland Parks’ Urban Forestry Division will install the new trees around the perimeter of Lovejoy Fountain Park over the winter.  The trees were removed over the past few years because they were infected with Dutch Elm Disease. The replacement Elm trees will be a variety proven to be resistant to this disease.

For more information, visit
Project Manager: Sandra Burtzos, 503-823-5594
Public Engagement: Ken Rumbaugh, 503-823-5131

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