Restoration Effort

Restoring a Portland treasure

In in the 1960s, when these amazing spaces were created, the vast majority of public parks were serene and passive. Landscape architect Lawrence Halprin had a different approach, creating spaces that were both active and interactive, spaces where you could have fun. So while the restoration project includes countless physical improvements to the spaces, it also calls for restoring the soul of Halprin’s original philosophy, his vision, and his spirit of revolution.

Plans for restoration

Over 50 years of aging and under-funded maintenance have resulted in a slate of identified unfunded restoration work. Restoration improvements will include:

  • Ground features
  • Fountain pumps and plumbing
  • Underground utilities
  • Wall and concrete structures
  • Drainage and mechanical systems
  • Tree assessment and lighting

Public-private partners forge a solution

A groundbreaking public-private partnership has come together to restore the Sequence.  At the centerpiece is an innovative voluntary Local Improvement District, LID, in which property owners in the surrounding area will assess themselves to pay for $2.15 million in repairs that qualify under State of Oregon regulations.

Additional funding will come through grants and private contributions from foundations, businesses and individuals who believe the Sequence plays an important role in downtown’s continued health and vitality.

LID participants

  • Russell Development Company, 200 Market Building
  • Melvin Mark, Crown Plaza, Columbia Square, Fifth Avenue Building
  • Oregon Pacific Investment & Development
  • Naito Development/Harrison & First LLC
  • Goodman Generations LLC
  • Harsch Investment Properties
  • Clarion, 100 Market and Woolworth Buildings
  • BPM-UB, LLC, Schlesinger Building
  • Diamond 49